GCP Presents Innovative AIRtrac™ System at Bangkok Precast Conference

The demand for prefabricated construction, like precast, is rising due to its many advantages:

  • Faster construction
  • Lower material costs
  • Enhanced quality

​However, the industry continues to find challenges to sustain profits, especially in the areas of precast concrete and reinforced precast concrete structures.

AIRtrac® Air Management System​

During the 5th Modular and Precast Construction Conference — held in Bangkok, Thailand, 25-26 May — a key highlight was the AIRtrac® air management system. It was presented for the first time in Asia.

AIRtrac®, from GCP Applied Technologies, is an air management system that helps optimise concrete mixes. It also improves the quality of concrete.

Dr. Zhong Hua, Asia Pacific Product Director for Speciality Construction Chemicals, explained how the system provides real-time monitoring and tracking of mix information. Among the many benefits are reduced rejections and waste, he said.

Precast concrete producers can benefit from the overall savings and productivity gains AIRtrac™ provides. This can differentiate them in the marketplace. For owners and contractors, the system provides greater assurance that in-spec concrete is being delivered for their projects, which in turn enhances project durability. The topic attracted keen interest from several attendees.

AIRtrac — an air management system for concrete — measures the temperature and total air content of concrete while it is being mixed, in real time. This system provides tremendous value not only to precast concrete producers, but to owners, developers and contractors alike.

It can help pre​cast concrete producers optimise concrete mixes, while improving quality. The system provides real-time monitoring and tracking of mix information, resulting in reduced rejections and waste. Producers can benefit from the overall savings and productivity gains, and differentiate themselves in the market place.

For owners and contractors, the system provides greater assurance that in-spec concrete is being delivered for their projects. Enhanced concrete quality can only mean enhanced project durability.

About The Speaker

The speaker, Zhong Hua, is the Product Director for Speciality Construction Chemicals for the Asia Pacific region.

He oversees Marketing, Product Management and R&D for both Cement and Concrete Technologies.

Zhong Hua has more than 20 years of experience in concrete admixtures, building science and precast industries all across Asia Pacific. He obtained his PhD from the National University of Singapore, and conducted research work at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) from 1990 to 1991. His research interests include fracture mechanics and damage of concrete.

About The Conference

The 5th Modular and Precast Construction conference featured distinguished speakers from more than 10 countries, coming together to share their expertise and experience in three areas: residential, commercial and precast construction. It attracted over 180 developers, architects, engineers, contractors and concrete producers, mainly from Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


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