The trusted product source — and expert resource — for cement producers worldwide

More than 80 years ago, we pioneered the development of chemical additives to make grinding cement more efficient. Since then, we've led the industry in making new compounds to improve cement grindability and performance.

Today, everyone from the world's largest cement companies to smaller, regional producers count on our innovative cement products.

Our work with producers has helped advance the science of cement production. And it has been key in helping our R&D team develop new solutions. Plus, our field service teams proudly share our deep knowledge with our customers to improve their operations.

With our global footprint, we’re uniquely capable to supply — and support —cement producers locally in 100 countries worldwide.

Every additive needed to make high-quality cement while boosting productivity, efficiency and profitability

Our cement products include high-performance grinding aids, performance enhancers (quality improvers), functional additives and water reducers. Also, we're the world's leading provider of customised and optimised formulations. Our unique customisation capabilities let us tailor mixes to the specific needs of cement plants across the globe.

Our liquid grinding aids improve cement flowability, grinding efficiency and mill throughput. The results are decreased unit power for a reduced carbon footprint and lower material handling and pumping costs. Our top-performing brands include:

  • HEA2® products: Grinding aids and flowability enhancers for Portland cement and other hydraulic cements.

  • DARAGRIND® products: Developed to grind a variety of minerals, such as limestone, calcium carbonate, silica and quicklime.

Liquid quality improvers enhance the grinding process and allow for the addition of less costly materials to cement. Solutions include:

  • TDA® products: Improve the early strength of treated cement.

  • ESE® products: Increase medium, late and particularly early compressive strength and are-chloride free.

  • CBA® products: Boost compressive strength at medium to later stages. They also improve mortar flow and reduce concrete water demands.

  • Customised products are available to meet the needs of individual plants and cements.

Our functional additives portfolio features SYNCHRO® liquid cement additives for chromium reduction to ensure compliance with the EU REACH regulation, and TYTRON®, HYDROPHOBE® and AIRALON® for high-performance masonry additives.

All of our additives are of the highest quality, comply with regulatory requirements and meet all local standards.

Our additives also play a key role in sustainable cement production by lowering CO2 emissions, allowing reduced clinker and increasing mill output thereby delivering on Blue360sm the  Sustainability Advantage.

Blue360sm Sustainability Advantage: Building with the world in mind.

Expert technical services and support that comes with every solution

Our goal: To help our producer partners be more productive and profitable throughout the whole grinding value chain. Our Blue360sm Field Advantage experts are longtime veterans of the cement production industry. They work with producers to meet production challenges and seize new opportunities through process improvements, best practices and the latest technologies.

    Blue360sm Field Advantage services for our producer partners include:

    • Hands-on assistance for field trials, mill commissioning, product use and dosage

    • Technical seminars and workshops for plant leaders and technicians on the use of cement additives and grinding system optimisation

    • Mill audits

    • Tools such as cost/value assessment models

    • On-site and remote support and troubleshooting

    Blue360sm Field Advantage team members also work closely with the scientists and engineers in our R&D labs in 40 countries worldwide. Together, our field and lab teams drive constant improvements in our products and work on:

    • Solving technical issues

    • Exploring new applications

    • Using new chemicals

    • Developing ad-hoc, customised solutions

    • System validation and verification

    Blue360sm Total Business Advantage: The power of GCP products, performance and people.