GCP functional additives

Adding value to cement

There are a number of factors, which define good cement. Does it set within the time desired? Is it easy to shape and work with? Does it dry without cracking or shrinking?  For cement manufacturers, these factors will determine the overall desirability of their product. We offer a wide range of liquid additives that let manufacturers create quality cement, whilst remaining compliant with a broad range of regulations. We deliver cement functional additives for water reduction, workability, chromium reduction and air entrainment.


What is the advantage of functional additives?

Our functional additives let manufacturers improve the quality of their cement while complying with standards such as EN and ASTM. These products impart specific functionalities to cement, such as promotion of air entrainment, increased workability, and reducing chromium to the desired level.

Compliance with chromium regulations

Since the introduction of European Directive 2003/53/EC, cement manufacturers must take extra precautions to control the level of chromium in their products. SYNCHRO™ is specifically formulated to reduce the level of chromium ions in cement mixed with water. SYNCHRO™ is easy to use and otherwise does not affect material performance, while remaining compatible with other cement and concrete admixtures.

Functional additives for both narrow and general performance improvement

AIRALON® is designed to be the most effective product to promote air entrainment in masonry cement. This improves water retention and enhances mortar workability. HYDROPHOBE® and TYTRON® impart superior water repellency, increased workability, and extended board life.

Highly customizable enhancement

We work in collaboration with cement manufacturers to create a material that is perfectly optimized for a given plant—allowing the cement producers to make the best cement for the needs of their customers. We gladly offer tailor-made solutions for individual plants and cements, and can provide training to cement plant personnel and audit grinding systems to ensure that the maximum value is extracted from the functional additives.